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  • My body is not a pleasure house,
    and my mind is not a playground
    for you to use as you please.

    My body is my temple, and I will not allow you
    to cross the threshold without my permission.

    My mind is my locked diary, and you’re not getting the key
    unless I choose to give it to you.

    I am a raging fire,
    and your cold water will not put me out.

    I will burn what needs burning,
    and I will give light to your victims,
    for I am stronger than you will ever know
    and so are they.

    —    I am not angry.
    I am furious.
    (via theyalldiedinthefireistarted)

    (via theyalldiedinthefireistarted)

    Weather today is fucking wack… Jesus Christ I ain’t never sweat like I have today tho

    Family party… I actually think my cousins are pretty cool minus the one bitch.

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